Hassle-free, template-based PDF generator with synchronous API for your projects

Many apps out there need to provide dynamically created PDF documents to their users. Yet, it's hard and inconvenient to develop such a solution from scratch. Pricey third party solutions may be too cumbersome and mostly work asynchronously, which means you have to wait for the PDFs to be generated and then obtain the files using a separate remote service.

Instant PDF is different.

We aim for the simplest solution possible: create a reusable template, provide your data and in the same API call, obtain your PDF within the response. No need for asynchronous calls, no need for a CDN. We've got you covered.

And last, but not least: our pricing is totally affordable for anyone!

How does it work?

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Create a template

Create a template

Dynamic variables
Page headers & footers
Repeatable table headers
Upload & store images

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Instant PDF
Templates Editor

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Get PDFs

Get PDFs

Synchronous REST API call
Supply JSON data for variables
Obtain PDF file within response
No additional CDN needed

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Instant PDF


InstantPDF is best for single-page or few-page documents like tickets, vouchers, contracts, confirmations, invoices, certificates, etc.

Although the number of the pages is technically unlimited, you shouldn't use InstantPDF to create books :)


Edit the templates in a modern and powerful editor with an embedded PDF preview function.

Page headers & footers

You may define a table header that will re-appear on each page if the table overflows a single page.

Repeatable table headers

You may define table header, that will re-appear on each page, if the table overflows a single page.

Dynamic JSON variables

Create the template with variables. Simple variables of any type, arrays or objects, we have it all.

Built-in & custom fonts

The template editor comes with basic set of fonts. If enough you can upload custom fonts to be used in created PDFs.

Images in PDF

Icons and logos can be uploaded and stored within your template or added with a remote link.

No need for additional CDN

Uploaded images are stored within the template. Generated PDFs are sent on-the-fly. It's up to you whether you store the files, send them via email, or offer them for download.

Synchronous processing

No waiting for server-side processing, no hassle with webhooks and stuff like that. You'll get the PDF instantly.


Simple service to feed the template variables with data and obtain a PDF in response. Check the documentation and get started in a minute.